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Laptop repair

One of my specialties is helping people in Montreal with laptop problems such as defective DC power jacks connectors, motherboards and screens.

Defective power jack repair:

DC jac repair

The defective power jack problem is the issue I see the most often in Dell, HP, Compaq and Toshiba laptops because they tend to be poorly designed. Usually, if the power fluctuates on and off when the power is plugged in, then its due to a faulty power connector on the motherboard.

Repairing laptops with faulty power connectors involves either fixing the power jack connection on the motherboard or replacing the power connector all together. The connector costs approximately 9$ and I usually only replace it when it is absolutely necessary. If I can just fix it without replacing it, then I do that. I believe in saving my customers time AND money.

Defective Laptop Hard Drive Repair:

hard disk

Other common laptop problems I see include defective screens, buttons, ram, hard drives and batteries. The hard drive problem is the second most frequent problem I see. You can usually tell a notebook hard drive is beginning to be defective when the laptop is either running REALLY slowly, or is booting up once in a while or is producing a clicking noise. This is an easier repair and involves replacing the hard drive with a new one, which can be had for approximately 70$.

Laptop Overheating:

cpu fan

Another common problem is laptop overheating. This is very common with laptops from Toshiba and Dell that include Intel processors. The major symptoms of an overheating laptop is random shutdowns and freezes after a few minutes of operation. Repairing this involves taking apart the laptop, cleaning out circuits, rebuilding/replacing fans, re-applying thermal paste and optimizing the BIOS for maximum cooling. This problem is very common for computer owners that have pets such as cats and dogs.

Broken notebook screens:

The laptop repair I see the least often in Montreal is defective screens. Usually when a screen is defective, it will cost more to replace the screen than to buy a new laptop. I can however find some good deals on used screens and I have managed to save a few laptops that otherwise would of been thrown away.

Recent laptops that have been repaired include Toshiba Satellites, HP Pavilion , Dells Inspiron and XPS, IBM Thinkpad, Acer Aspire and Gateways. I usually try to keep spare parts in stock such as batteries, ram, hard drives and power connectors, but in the even that I doní»t have the part, I order it online for you.

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