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Fixing computers and laptops Since 1996


Computer repair

For many years now, WeI have been working as a bilingual contract worker for various firms providing computer repair Montreal services. As our customer list began to grow, weI felt the need to expand and begin repairing computers directly. This allows me to build a long lasting relationship with my customers, whom often call me back for various computer related issues.

The smaller the company, in this case, 1 person, the less overhead there is.
I can therefore provide the same quality of service that I have been providing major corporations for years for much cheaper than I otherwise would have in the past. A typical day is usually spent fixing computers and laptops that will either not start, run slow or crash. If this sounds like your situation, then I can certainly be of use.

How it works, a typical repair:

  • Usually appointments are booked by either email, itech.montreal@gmail.com or by instant message (see contact page). Depending on the repair volume, appointments are usually take from 12 to 72 hours.
  • I arrive on-site (this can be your business or home) and diagnose the problem, usually within 5-30 minutes.
  • I explain the problem to the customer, in detail and what the repair entails.
  • If the problem is fixable on the spot and I have the replacement parts in hand (if applicable), I repair it immediately on-site.
  • If the problem requires additional hardware or would take over 2-3 hours to repair, I bring back the defective machine to the repair shop. The repair is then performed within 48 hours and returned to the customer. (If bringing the computer is not possible, the repair CAN be done entirely on-site, but is more expensive)

Building a long lasting relationship built on trust is important to me, this is why I will explain everything I do to your computer. After a repair is done, you will understand what has been done and why.