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Fixing computers and laptops Since 1996






Legacy system (I7 or older) $30/hr
Pick-up/Delivery Computer $20-30
Virus / Spy ware removal $50
Components Installations  
System rebuild (case change) $55
Motherboard installation $45
CD/DVD writer installation $10
Memory Installation, for a system $20
Memory Installation, for a laptop:?? under the laptop $25
Memory Installation, for a laptop:?? under the keyboard $30
Other components $25

Components installation have a maximum charge of $45.

windows 7 (Basic/Premium/Ultimate/Business) installation
or Windows XP (Home/Pro) installation
(include drivers installations and Windows updates.)
with data backup (does not include software backup)* $70
*back up fee of $15 is to another hard drive. If customer chooses to back up to CD/DVD then it is $15 for the first disc and $5 per additional disc.  
Other operating system?installation?
(include drivers installations)
- Winxp
- Win2000
Drivers installation $20
Other software (each) $15-30
Estimate / Minimum charge $0-45

Prices may vary depending on the amount of labor invested.

On-site Service*
$65 / hr

Includes Traveling Time

Services included:

  • Residential & Commercial

  • Network/Wireless installation, setup and?maintenance.
  • Installation, setup and?maintenance of computer systems and components.
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • Internet Sharing.
  • Installation and configuration of
    software and operating systems.